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Other Products

Sure Clean

SURE Clean is a phosphate-free all-purpose cleaner is concentrated for economy. It's a synthetic detergent that contains no free alkali so it rinses without leaving a residue. Excellent for removal of salt and ice-melting residues. Use it on resilient tile, concrete and terrazzo floors. Also excellent for walls, woodwork and equipment.

Sure Shine

SURE Shine is a high-speed floor cleaner and maintainer that is designed to achieve a wet-look shine on all properly finished floors. It offers the ultimate in productivity just dust mop floor, auto-scrub with floor cleaner and maintainer, let dry and burnish to brilliance. It is non-film forming so there is no worry of build-up occurring.

Sure Gel

SURE Gel is a viscous gel that works on vinyl, tile, terrazzo, rubber and natural stone floors to remove dirt and impart a beautiful shine. Suitable for use in single pad (to revive shine) or dual pad (to deep clean and shine) systems without traffic interruption.